A Study on the Subculture of Working Students in Call Centers


  • Eduardo Jr. Noda Jose Abad Santos High School (Senior High School)




Subculture, Call centers, Working students


Employing the descriptive qualitative research method, this study drew on the Functional Theory of Talcott Parsons which espouse that subculture develop out of its adaptation from the dominant culture. It aimed to describe and analyze the subculture of working students in call centers in Metro Manila and its influence on their family relations, health, recreational activities, consumption behavior and academic performance. Results showed that the norms and values in the call center as reflected on the social environment influenced the values of the working students. The subculture in the call center produced positive and negative effects to the participants. The night shift work schedule led to health problems, less contact time with their family and peers, and less time on studying. Thus, there is a need for call center companies and schools to provide the necessary remediation to improve working students’ productivity in work and performance in school.




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Noda, E. J. (2021). A Study on the Subculture of Working Students in Call Centers. Instabright International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 3(2), 89–99. https://doi.org/10.52877/instabright.003.02.0071