The The Philippine Education Core Values Paths through the Senior High School English Curricula


  • Reashiela Khan Department of Education – Catanduanes Division, Virac, Catanduanes



core values, curriculum guides, English, environmentalism, Senior High School, love for nature, makakalikasan


Gaps are manifest in instilling the core values among the Filipino basic education students. Thus, this documentary analysis was conducted on the senior high school English-related Curriculum Guides in order to determine how the design of language and literature curricula incorporates being maka-Diyos (godly), makatao (mindful of humanity), makakalikasan (respectful of nature) and makabansa (patriotic) in the competencies. Anchored on Speech Act Theory and Linear Communication Model and guided by the indicators in DepEd Order 8, s. 2015, this study unraveled the paths using four-step systematic coding discussed with two intercoders. Thematic patterning found ‘open’ paths with optional integration and ‘direct’ paths with straightforward core values inclusion in the instruction. The paths also employ the core values as subject of six activities: creating, synthesizing, applying/demonstrating, socialized activities, valuing, and understanding. Findings revealed that direct paths are available for the three values except for ‘makakalikasan’, leaving environmentalism an optional value in senior high school language classrooms. The core values harmonization in all senior high school curricula must therefore be reevaluated. As language and literature are natural resources, it should also be efficiently employed as a roadmap for national transformation.




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