Technical Trainings and Professional Development: The Means of Organizational Growth


  • Mudzramer A. Hayudini Department of Information Technology, Mindanao State University, Sulu



Technical training and development, Skills, Manpower, Workforce, IT training, Information , Technology , Organization


Organization’s strength to realizing its goal are deeply relying to the abilities of the workforce. It is the primary resource and vital capital of an organization that is dynamic and adaptable. Regardless of its nature, it is undeniably that the blood of the operation of every organization is the manpower. Employees who tend to be lacked skills normally do not produce good quality work. Productivity and outstanding output are achieved only if employees of an organization are managed properly. Such management is the enhancement of their capabilities and expertise, giving these workers motivation, thus attaining job satisfaction and excellent organizational results. This study presents a literature review on the importance of technical training and professional development of the employees towards organizational growth.  In technical related works, training is a one-way for the employees to grow their based-knowledge and improve professional skills to become more effective in their chosen field of interest, a pathway for them to be the key asset in contributing positive outcomes to their respective organization.




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