Eher-Sulat: The Effectiveness of Physical Exercise to The Writing Ability of Grade 10 Online Distance Learning (Odl) Students


  • Jose Romel Aramil Department of Education



Eher-Sulat, effectiveness, physical exercise, writing ability, online distance learning, Distance learning


The primary aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of physical exercise to the writing ability of Grade 10 Online Distance Learning (ODL) students of Margarito A. Duavit Integrated School. To achieve this aim, the researcher used an experimental design of research wherein thirty-one (31) out of fifty-nine (59) enrolled students enthusiastically engaged in the activity. The principal tool for analyzing the respondents in this study was a researcher-created activity sheet. A rubric was used to collect the essential data on the effectiveness of physical activity on the writing abilities of the school's Grade 10 online distance learning students. Results of the study, from the pretest scores in terms of fluency, originality, and flexibility revealed low level of scores ranging from 5 – 14 from a possible maximum score of 15 points as evidenced by a 6.968 – 10.452 mean scores while the students’ posttest scores revealed an increase from 5 – 15 and mean scores from 10.45 – 12.548 after conducting the Eher-Sulat activity. Results of the analysis of variance revealed significance value of 0.05. The null hypothesis that there is no significant difference in the effectiveness of physical exercise on the respondents' writing ability after exposing them to the Eher-Sulat activity was rejected because the computed t value exceeds the critical value, indicating that the means are significantly different. This demonstrates that Eher-Sulat activity, which entails performing physical exercises prior to beginning a class, differs significantly from the usual method of introducing a subject or topic. This implies that writing is a bodily as well as a mental endeavor. It's critical for us to understand the link between our mind and body. To keep our mental skills where we want them, we have to keep our bodies healthy and active.




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Aramil, J. R. (2021). Eher-Sulat: The Effectiveness of Physical Exercise to The Writing Ability of Grade 10 Online Distance Learning (Odl) Students. Instabright International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 3(2), 33–37.